At the forefront of science and technology there lie competing ideologies as to the nature of humanity and the future of human flourishing.

Will technology become the ultimate savior, or has the work of salvation already been accomplished?

Are we only creatures of mind and body or are we spiritual beings at our core?

Reaching for Immortality bravely examines the agenda and ideals of the transhumanist movement, and compares and contrasts these with the biblical vision of a physical resurrection and a divine upgrade of the entire created order.

Which vision of the future will inspire you, and capture your allegiance?

This book is a primer to provoke deep thought about the impact of technological change on human personhood, and asks crucial questions facing our age:

  • What does it mean to be human, in light of exponential technological
  • What is transhumanism and where is it leading us?
  • How important is embodiment for our personal identity?
  • How would the biblical understanding of personhood survive in a
    posthuman future?

Amazon Reviews of Reaching For Immortality:

The Rebecca Review VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars 
Cybernetic Immortality or the Christian Hope of Resurrection? Which is the safer bet?

Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2022

Sandra J. Godde is an Australian author who sees life from a spiritual perspective. The question this book asks is: “Where is humanity headed?” Even science agrees we can’t live forever on the earth as the sun will eventually consume the earth at some point in the long-distant future. What if people can live forever in another dimension where souls exists in perfection?

As Sandra J. Godde explains, our desire for immortality is natural and God’s dream for humanity is to live with us forever in resurrected bodies. The question is: “Can technology ever stop decay, suffering and death?

In five to ten years we may be able to transfer our thoughts in an interaction with devices instead of typing. Living in a virtual world also sounds tempting to a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their current lives or are just excited by novelty. Even I long to speak mind to mind with my friends instead of typing long emails. What if you could communicate instantly? This book also discusses topics like virtual immortality, Christian orthodoxy and transhumanist ideology.

This book is a fascinating look at the future of humans from two opposing viewpoints. The information will be interesting to those who believe in technology or religion. Both perspectives are fleshed out and it only takes a little reading to decide which side you want to be on. Living forever is going to happen no matter what you choose today but where you’ll end up is the real question. Most people don’t realize that is a choice you make with the heart and mind.

So after reading you can decide which is the safer bet. Cybernetic Immortality or the Christian Hope of the Resurrection? I know which I have chosen! What do you think? This book is an excellent place to start on your journey of discovery.

~The Rebecca Review

P.S. My atheist friend in Australia who believes cryonics is an answer says that if the earth is going to get destroyed by the sun we can just move to another solar system. He’s so clever isn’t he. ;P

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