Sandra J Godde’s Story

I grew up in a good home with an Anglican background and never doubted God’s existence. However, no one ever spoke to me about the living, saving power of Jesus Christ. After being jettisoned to a glamourous career in dance and all that entailed at a very early age, I quickly discovered that something important was missing in my life. I found myself at the tender age of 20 yrs wondering what else there was to aim for, as I looked around at those whom I had aspired to be like and found them seriously lacking in contentment.

I had a rather dramatic conversion to Christ in a Pentecostal church service, when my whole life flashed before me, and I saw Jesus personally calling me to Himself. I was aware of how far I had strayed from His holiness and His overwhelming love for me. From that day forward, I have never looked back or wanted to regress in my faith. My life has been very full so far and has included a professional ballet career, leading three Dance Schools and a Dance Co., featured dancer/actress in a short Australian Dance Film, and being involved in extensive Mission work in the Arts sector. Following my passion to make others aware of the wonderful news of the gospel of Christ, I spent several years in mission work with Youth With A Mission, doing outreaches across Canada, USA, and in third world countries. My passion for God and His Church has led me to be involved in a myriad of church ministries for over 35 years and my hunger for more of God led me to further theological study and then 10 years of lecturing at several Bible Colleges.

When I was young in the faith I was bombarded with all sorts of cynicism and antagonism about my faith, within the circles I was a part of. I had to seek answers to daunting questions and understand what the gospel truly was and wasn’t. I was challenged on every side. I started to engage in apologetic discussions out of sheer “spiritual self-defence” on the battleground of university, and in the midst of my atheistic brothers baiting me with provocative questions about what I believed. It was tough and brutal, but instead of wavering in unbelief, I went deeper into Christ.

For many years I have studied and walked with the Lord, whilst my faith was challenged with an array of life experiences in a diversity of arenas (overseas mission field, third world countries, speaking at inter-faith dialogues, pastoral care, discussions at university on social issues, personal crisis and suffering, and fielding questions as a lecturer for ten years in several bible colleges). I have come to know deeply the veracity of the gospel, and to feel the ease and quiet confidence that comes from knowing that my faith is not only heart fulfilling, but rational and intellectually defensible.

I started developing and teaching apologetics courses because I wanted to share with as many Christians as possible the pathway to having a robust faith that can withstand the fierce battles of our times, and to also equip believers for the times that still lay ahead. Today my spirit is so free and intimidation does not rule me. I’m far from perfect but I have come a long way on the journey. I am passionate about training up others to skilfully understand, interpret, and share the Word of God in order to broker the kingdom of God into this world.

Healing, comfort, hope, deliverance, forgiveness, peace and freedom await those who dare to enter God’s kingdom. And, no-one and nothing can snatch that from you!

Sandra J Godde is an experienced Bible College Lecturer who has taught a diverse array of biblical, theological, and ministry subjects across several Higher Educational Institutions in Australia for the past ten years. Her teaching and training expertise has been supplemented with over 35 years of practical ministry experience in churches, on overseas mission, and teaching and speaking in many arenas. Possessing a curious mind and braving to tackle the hard questions in life, she has pursued the areas of Christology, Apologetics, Biblical Interpretation, Worldviews and the interactions between science and faith in her studies, research, and teaching.

Sandra has written curriculum for “Apologetics” and “Evangelism” subjects at University level, as well as several Apologetics Courses for church lay people. Her most recent research thesis tackles the question of what it means to be human, highlighting the difference between the Transhumanist’s goal of a technological immortality with the Biblical promise of resurrection from the dead.

Sandra’s academic qualifications include an Arts Degree and a Law Degree (with Honours) from the University of Queensland; a Masters in Arts (Theology) from Sydney College of Divinity; a Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology from The University of Divinity; a Cert IV in TESOL; and Cert IV TAE. Sandra also holds a 3yr Diploma in Dance from The Australian Ballet School.

Here are the reasons you can depend on 
Sandra J. Godde to help you confidently defend the integrity of the gospel in the marketplace:

  • REPUTABLE – Sandra J. Godde has been around since 2010, a respected leader in her field and community.
  • EXPERIENCED – Ms Godde has lectured in Bible Colleges for the last 10+ years, and also has over 35 years ministry practice. 
  • INTEGRITY – Building a reputation of integrity takes years and we don’t believe in cutting corners. The foundation of our reputation is our commitment to do the right thing at all times, regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • RESOURCES – We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.