Ben Csikos, Financial Advisor

“I’m pretty selective about who I will let speak into my life; very few people have the high-performance mentality, integrity of character, eloquence of speech, spiritual discipline, discernment, life-experience and qualifications of Sandy. She is a rare gem.

Grace Chang, Music & Primary Teacher

“I absolutely treasure our time together and learn so much from you each session. You’ve helped me understand prayer in a whole different way, and answered what I’ve been pondering about when it comes to moving in the prophetic. I really don’t think there are many people in my life who can teach and answer my questions in a way that makes so much sense. So grateful to God for sending you to help me during a time when I feel like I’m stuck and really need answers.

Joanna Sale, Change Management Consultant

“The program has helped me develop a better understanding of my identity and faith. It has provided me with the necessary tools and abilities to expand, grow and walk in the purpose of God for my life with greater confidence. The encouragement and support I receive from Sandra in our mentoring sessions has been truly invaluable.”

Wendy Smith, Counsellor

“Holding a Christian worldview, I was challenged to look at the material from the perspective of other secular views and consider how they may see the Bible and faith. This allows for an approach to be formulated to engage in conversation regarding the character of God and the importance of the Word in today’s world.”

Gosia Divers, Project Officer

“The highlight of the course for me was “spiritual warfare” and I was most challenged about the reality of evil and God’s way of getting rid of it. I got revelation about that. The training was great.”

Rebecca Margus, (October 2022)

“I have just completed a 6 week course in apologetics, developed and presented by Sandra Godde. Sandy was one of my lecturers when I was studying Ministry, and has developed these courses from her wealth of knowledge of apologetics and Biblical studies. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to extend and develop their knowledge of all things apologetics related.”

Helen Thomason, (Dec 2022)

“You brought up a lot of thought-provoking subjects that I/we really hadn’t thought a lot about previously. It’s been great and has added to our understanding of the Christian world-view and equipped us better to share such things with others – thank you very much!”

Ebony Hindle, (Dec 2022)

“I so appreciate the preparation and your prayerfulness and the insights you bring to apologetics.  I am grateful for fresh, transformative knowledge that helps foster our relationship with God; and equipping us for conversations with others.  Thank you for equipping the body of Christ.”