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I help thinking Christians to confidently defend the integrity of the gospel in the marketplace.  I train others how to give credible answers to hard questions and hungry hearts, sharing keys on navigating our present culture with truth, grace, and compassion.


For deep thinkers who seek understanding of their faith to frontline warriors expanding the kingdom…

Would you like to go deeper in thought about the foundations of your faith in Christ? Would you like to learn how to defend your faith in the marketplace and give credible answers to inquiring minds and hungry hearts?

Come join one of our face-to-face discussion groups that promise to be engaging, interesting, and helpful! Bring the questions you are grappling with about the faith and the unanswered intellectual inquiries your friends have about God and the Christian faith.

Learn how to defend your faith wherever you are and live out a joyful and robust witness to the truth and power of the gospel.

Statistics show that many people have dismissed religion, or Christianity in particular, because they have never found satisfying answers to their deepest questions about faith, neither have they experienced the healing and transformative power of love that Christ came to deliver. In these tumultuous times when fear, oppression, sexual confusion, exploitation, anxiety and fear of the future have taken on new meaning, the urgency and the power of the gospel has never been more desperately needed ….

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